Your flight training in Punitz

Learn to fly!
In our Flight Training Organisation, we can accompany you throughout your entire training curriculum – starting with a private pilot licence and continuing with the various stages until you become a successful professional pilot.

Our complete training menu

  • Fligh Instructor training FI (A) »
  • Pinch Hitter Training»
  • Type rating instructor training TRI (A) for single-pilot aeroplanes (C525) »
  • Instrument rating instructor training IRI (A) »
  • Type rating instructor training for multi-pilot aeroplanes (C560XL) »
  • Class rating for multi-engine piston aeroplanes (MEP land) »
  • Type rating Cessna Citation C525 „single pilot“ »
  • Type rating for Cessna Citation 560XL (and transition from valid C5xx type ratings) »
  • Aerobatic Rating »
  • LAPL »
  • UPRT »

Our offer

Our goal is a high-quality, individual and tailored training for our students to prepare them for their responsibilities in the cockpit in the best possible manner. We offer training in a friendly, almost familial, atmosphere, because if you like to learn, you will love your job.

This includes the correct aircraft for training, a synthetic training device, qualified instructors and a professional organisation.

Ideal fleet of training aircraft

The optimum mix of training aircraft for your need is waiting for you!

Synthetic Training Device

Our modern FNPT II (Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer) offers realistic training for our students and complements practical training in the aircraft..

Personal care for our students

Every student is following a dream. We accompany every single one of them in a personal atmosphere to be able to live this dream with a great sense of responsibility and competence.

Passionate and experienced flight instructors

Our training staff is practically oriented, has many years of experience and is passionate about teaching. They will take personal care of every student, because every student is important and deserves to be individually prepared for his or her responsibilities in the Cockpit.

Theory und Practice

Both elements are needed for pilot training. Courses are offered in English according to demand. Most training material is in English. Practical training comprises learning and flying in and around the aircraft – hands-on.

Make a dream into a carreer

Often the desire to become a pilot arises in childhood. Even if the little ones still have to wait a while before they can start pilot training – why not get a taste of the air that can change everything on a sightseeing flight?

Pilot training in cooperation with BORG Güssing

Combining a high school degree (matriculation) with pilot training? The cooperation between the BORG Güssing and Punitzflug can make it a reality.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Together let’s make your dream a reality.


In the vicinity of the airfield you will find various options for accommodation ranging from affordable private lodging to exclusive 5*hotels.